International Impact Award Success


The School is please to announce that we have been awarded a Silver International Impact Award by the University’s Dean for Internationalisation.

The International Impact Award scheme is a new venture in 2016 which seeks to recognise and reward internationalisation-related achievement within schools and departments at Kent, in line with key aspects of the University’s Internationalisation Strategy.

In its inaugural year the scheme attracted 19 submissions in total with 7 submissions from the Faculty of Social Sciences, 5 from Sciences, 5 from Humanities and 2 two submissions from Professional Service Departments. The scheme aims to encourage the sharing of good practice in internationalisation and to promote the clear and impactful articulation of the full range of School’s and Department’s internationally-focused activity.

In its submission for the award scheme, the School showcased a rich variety of research, education and engagement activities that have had an international impact. Examples submitted in the application included: international staff research for projects taking place around the world; our active pursual of fieldwork at globally iconic locations and field sites that directly benefit our diverse international postgraduate community; international alumni successes and our vibrant DICE community; extensive year abroad opportunities and internationalised curriculum, and a vast network of international academic, and non academic collaborators for research, innovation and capacity-building.

Many thanks to Dr Alexandra Leduc-Pagel for her hard work in preparing the School’s submission.


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