Upcoming Event – Valuing Nature


Dr Rob Fish, Prof Douglas MacMillan and Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos are pleased to announce a further event to be held by the School of Anthropology and Conservation, this July, led by the Human Ecology Research Pillar.

This conference, co-sponsored by the University of Kent and the Valuing Nature Programme, explores the critical, creative and practical challenges that arise when interests in valuing nature are extended into the participatory realm. It asks: how might a participatory approach transform the way valuation analyses are carried out within research and practice? And, how might valuing nature agendas affect the way researchers and practitioners think and go about participation?

We look forward to welcoming and encouraging the involvement of researchers from the UK and beyond who are active in the area of valuing nature and/or participatory research, as well as those wishing to learn more about the general case for participatory approaches to valuation, their contexts and dynamics of use, and their implications for approaches to evidence gathering and decision making. This includes researchers at all career stages from across the natural and social sciences and arts and humanities. More generally, the conference will appeal to policy makers and practitioners seeking to contribute to emerging research debates regarding participatory approaches from an applied starting point.

The conference will be of interest to all researchers with interests in participatory decision making and wider valuation debates in environmental research. Extended conference details, including how to register, can be found here. The event is free to attend and this invitation is warmly extended to all academic colleagues.




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