Student Conference on Conservation Science 2016


The 17th Student Conference on Conservation Science in Cambridge was held from 22-24 March 2016 and attracted some 157 delegates from 49 countries. The superb plenaries, workshops, talks and posters were a great reminder of the diverse dimensions of conservation of natural resources and wildlife! As with every year, there was a strong showing of the work done by postgraduate students from DICE. A total of 20 MSc and PhD students from DICE attended the conference with Dr Freya St. John conducting a pre-conference workshop on social science in conservation and a brief visit by Dr Bob Smith.

DICE did really well with special commendations given by the judges to the research posters by Andy Buxton, Rob Ward and Benjamin Lee, and with Dr Amy Hinsley clinching the top prize for the best poster! The talks given by DICE students were equally impressive and had wide-ranging topics which covered human-elephant conflicts to corporate partnerships. In particular, Valeria Boron’s talk on jaguar conservation in agricultural landscapes got a special mention in that both biological and social methods were well integrated in her research. Keep up the good work and see you all next year at SCCS 2017!

 – Ben Lee


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