Public Debate Event – Where is the good in the world?


You are warmly invited to a public debate, jointly organised by the School of Anthropology and Conservation and the Department of Religious Studies:

Where is the good in the world? Cross-disciplinary interventions, future directions

Positional arguments: Michael Lambek (Toronto), Joel Robbins (Cambridge)
Responses: Elaine Graham (Chester), Gordon Lynch (Kent), and Yvonne Sherwood (Kent)

Wednesday 18 May, 4.30-6.30 pm, followed by a drinks reception

Grimond Lecture Theatre 3

The good is an emerging topic of contemporary debates and the subject of enquiry in the humanities and social sciences. For social anthropologists, the good has become a new way of thinking about morality, ethics, and value in the course of social life, as much as a new disciplinary horizon – an anthropology of the good. The notions of ‘common good’ and ‘doing good’ have populated discourses and practices of politicians, economists, policy makers, and the general public, and are increasingly reflected across the disciplines of economics, sociology, religious studies, and theology. Although there has been a cross-disciplinary traffic of ideas about what the concept of the good can offer to new theoretical and research developments, and more specifically where the good can be located, these debates remain fragmented to date, and the question of whether the concept of the good is analytically and conceptually productive still remains. If the good is immanent to the human condition as many of these debates suggest, then we need to ask: Where is the good in the world?

This public debate forms part of a workshop bringing together researchers from the disciplines of anthropology, religious studies, economics, sociology, and theology, and others who share interests in the emerging field of the study of the good to provide opportunities for new discussions and to foster future directions regarding what it means to research and theorise in this field.

All are very welcome, and hope to see you there. Please RSVP by registering here by 16 May.


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