Event – Interdisciplinary Human-Wildlife Coexistence Symposium


On 25-26 May, SAC will be holding a symposium entitled Human-wildlife coexistence: interdisciplinary perspectives on a complex problem, organised by Dr Tatyana Humle and Dr Freya St John.

To date, research on human-wildlife coexistence has largely focused on understanding the ecology and behaviour of wildlife sharing landscapes with people and on and identifying the consequences of sympatry to both people and wildlife with the aim of developing management strategies. Such research remains important and valuable in contextualising co-existence patterns and potentially evaluating different intervention approaches. It is only more recently that challenges to the co-existence between people and wildlife have been framed as conflicts between different stakeholder groups, often highlighting divergences in how wildlife should be managed. Studies have increasingly focused on understanding perceptions, belief and value systems, and how best to achieve a balance meeting both human and wildlife needs. A biosocial approach combining both the natural and social science methodologies and perspectives is critical to tackling such complex or ‘wicked’ problems. This symposium aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in understanding and managing co-existence between people and wildlife and human-human conflict dimensions. This one and half day meeting will consist of plenary talks and shorter presentations and workshops introducing participants to conflict resolution approaches, methods aimed at understanding how people value wildlife and their environment and biosocial frameworks useful in addressing such issues.

Registration is free for SAC students and staff and just £25 for non-SAC students. For all others, the registration fee is £40.

The deadline for submitting poster abstracts is 6th May, and the deadline for general registration is 15th May.

More details about the speakers and the programme can be found here. To register, click here.


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