DICE in a jar – MSc Conservation Symposium


Image courtesy of Amber Abrams

On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th February the School held their annual MSc Conservation Symposium. Conservation Biology student, Tracy Peyman discusses the symposium below:

The two-day MSc Conservation symposium was a packed itinerary of ten-minute presentations showcasing students’ forthcoming dissertation projects and was something akin to trying to pack the whole of the department into a jar. Reflecting DICE’s own influence, the students will be studying a variety of species, habitats and ecological issues from five continents. Multidisciplinary breadth was also apparent, with projects spanning the social and natural sciences; from testing new social science statistical methods using coloured beads, to laboratory experiments on environmental DNA.

The event was well supported by SAC students and staff and their questions focused largely on the proposed methods and demanded detailed justification of all funding requests. This added a realistic scrutiny to the project proposals, but also added to the nerves. There was a palpable sense of relief from each student once they had delivered their own presentation, and everyone enjoyed seeing the scope of each other’s projects. Once the formalities were over, there was further opportunity to continue the discussions over a drink.



Image courtesy of Tracy Peyman




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