Upcoming Anthropology Seminar Series

This term SAC is running the Anthropology Research Seminar Series, featuring visiting speakers presenting on topics from both social and biological anthropology.
The seminars are held every Tuesday in the Swingland Room from 4.15-6.00pm, followed by dinner and drinks in town. The next seminar is on Tuesday 9th February. Dr Rupert Stasch from the University of Cambridge will be giving a talk entitled “Singapore, Big Village of the Dead: Cities as Figures of Desire, Domination, and Rupture for Korowai of Indonesian Papua”.
See below for the full programme:

Biological Anthropology Research Seminar Series – Spring 2016

Week 14  19/1/2016 Bino Majolo  University of Lincoln

Title: The Evolution of Warfare and Sociality

Week 16  2/2/2015  Susanne Shultz University of Manchester

Title: Primate social evolution: exposing the three garden paths of kin selection, cooperative breeding and specialised cognition

Week 21  15/3/2015  Jo Setchell  University of Durham

Title: Multi-modal signalling and sexual selection in mandrills

Week 24 5/4/2015  Thom Scott-Phillips University of Durham

Title: Human communication, non-human communication, and the origins of language



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