Event report – Stirling Lecture

event-stirling-headerProfessor Sarah Green addresses Turkey’s summer of ‘No” at the 2015 Annual Stirling Lecture

Another memorable Stirling Lecture took place on 13 November hosted by the Social Anthropology Research Group. Daniela Peluso welcomed the large audience of students, colleagues and alumni, Phil Hubbard paid tribute to Paul Stirling’s memory and legacy and David Henig introduced us to Professor Sarah Green by positioning her strong intellectual contributions within anthropology, especially her research on borders and location. Sarah Green kept us intrigued with her ethnographic account of the summer of ‘no’ in Izmir, Turkey in 2010. She described how Turkey’s relative location – somewhere between the Arab Spring (which did not occur until 2011 but was ‘in the air’) and the European Union – presented a range of social and political dilemmas for people in the city. Her conclusions show how location continues to matter, and how shifts in location powerfully informed everyday Turkish life. Dimitrios Theodossopoulos made concluding remarks and our guests and audience partook in a wine and buffet reception enjoyed by all. For more information on the Stirling Lecture visit our website.

Photos from this event are available on our Facebook page. Photo credit: Caroline Bennett


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