Research activity – publications, posters & conferences – November 2015


Photograph courtesy of Anup Shah


Kivell, T. L. et al. 2015 The hand of Homo naledi. Nature Communications 6:8431 doi: 10.1038/ncomms9431

Kivell TL. 2015 Evidence in hand: recent discoveries and the early evolution of human manual manipulation. Philosophical Transactions B. Rpyal Society B. 370: 20150105.

Fischer, J., Wheeler, B.C., Higham, J.P. 2015. Is there any evidence for vocal learning in chimpanzee food calls? Current Biology, V 25, I21, R1028-R1029 doi:10.1016/j.cub.2015.09.010

Fahy, G.E., Boesch, C., Hublin, J.-J., Richards, M.P., (2015), The effectiveness of using carbonate isotope measurements of body tissues to infer diet in human evolution: Evidence from wild western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus), Journal of Human Evolution, in press (doi:10.1016/j.jhevol.2015.09.002)

SAC Research in the Media

Dr Brandon Wheeler’s recent paper in Current Biology (see above) has created a stir this week.  The paper questions outcomes from a work published in Current Biology in February, which suggested chimps had demonstrated vocal learning. Media coverage includes:  BBC Reuters , Daily Mail, Yahoo News , and The Straits Times .

Dr Matt Skinner featured in the Guardian recently defending the research methods used in the discovery of Homo naledi, which made headlines around the world. Read the article.

Upcoming Research Events

Annual Stirling Lecture
Tuesday 10th November, 18:30, Grimond Lecture Theatre 1
Professor Sarah Green from the University of Helsinki will be delivering her talk entitled ‘The summer of ‘no’ in Izmir: ethnographic reflections on the shifting relative location of Turkey. For more details visit our website.

Centre for Ethnographic Research – Seminar series
Tuesday 1st December, 12-2pm, Stirling Library
Erik Bähre, from Leiden University, will be speaking to us about “Irony in ethnography and social theory”
All interested are welcome.  If you intend to stay for lunch and discussion afterwards, we would be grateful if you could inform Alexandra Leduc-Pagel (

Research Funding Opportunities

Research Prize Competition – now open for nominations
The Prizes recognise exceptional achievements in research and are open to all research active staff and doctoral students at Kent. This year’s Prizes include:
Three University Prizes (worth £1,000 each)

  • University Research Prize
  • University Early Career Research Prize
  • University Postgraduate Research Prize

Nine Faculty Prizes (worth £500 each)

  • Faculty Research Prize (one to be awarded per Faculty)
  • Faculty Early Career Research Prize (one per Faculty)
  • Faculty Postgraduate Research Prize (one per Faculty)

Nominations must use the Research Prize Nomination Form and must be received by Research Services by 17.00 on 18 January 2016. For more details visit the Research Services webpages.

Social Sciences Faculty Research Fund
The Social Sciences Faculty Research Committee invites applications from Academic and Research Staff for the allocation of financial support to promote and enhance activities that lead to high quality research.

The deadline for applications is 17.00 on Friday 4 December 2015. For further visit the Faculty webpages.


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