opportunities-tristanIt’s not too late to join other SACians in the annual Movember campaign – or support those who are participating.  The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to the men’s health movement and they raise funds for programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity – mainly getting men talking about issues that matter.

The Moustaches in Movember campaign challenges you to raise money in turn for growing a moustache during the month of November – it’s not too late to join in! Find out more about Growing your Mo! You can follow the progress of some of our participants: Rob WardTristan Pett and Gail Austen-Price (yes GIRLS can get involved too!!!).  If you’d like to join in and connect with the SAC group then please contact Rob Ward rjw53@kent.ac.uk

KBS Business Start-Up Day
25th November 2015
The Business Start-up Day is open to all students and graduates from the University of Kent with an interest in business and enterprise. This half-day event will give an insight into the challenges and opportunities of setting up your own business. The event welcomes award-winning speakers:

  • Becky Campbell, Reflect Digital Ltd, KEiBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015
  • Bal Sandher, Hectic Lifestyles Ltd, KEiBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014
  • Michael Muzio, Now4Cover, Insurance and Technology Entrepreneur

The Business Start-up Day will also launch the Business Start-up Journey, a new extra-curricular programme to support the development of student businesses at the University of Kent. Find out more.


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