Kent Extra courses – all students

kent-extra-headerThere are lots of exciting Kent Extra courses starting this term – one led by our very own Brian Campbell!

Courses are filling up fast, but there are currently still spaces available on the following courses:

KE013 – Justice & Persuasion – An Interdisciplinary Workshop (Modern Context) (Starts Saturday 24th October 2015)
KE004 – Dirty History: Exploring Film & TV Medievalisms (Starts Saturday 21st November 2015)
KE065 – A Tweet is Forever: Where our data goes and what we can do with it (Starts Thursday 26th November 2015)
KE064 – Mentoring at University: Reflective Practice at Medway campus (Starts Wednesday 4th November 2015)
KE066 – A History of Anthropological Theory: 1890-1980 (Starts Wednesday 4th November 2015)
KE068 – Excelling in the Graduate Recruitment Cycle: Your Guide to Applications, Interviews and Assessment Centres (Starts Tuesday 10th November 2015)

Plus many more to be confirmed…

Why do a Kent Extra course?
It’s a great chance to build transferable skills and enhance your CV and career prospects. If you complete a Kent Extra course, you will get Employability Points. It’s also a chance to study something purely for pleasure, free of charge.

How do I find out more and sign up for a course?

When you find a course you would like to do, follow the link to sign up via the Student Data System. Choose “Workshops”: under “My Study” you will see a list of Workshop Skills – choose “Kent Extra” to see a list of Kent Extra workshops.


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