SAC Outreach – join the team!

The school is developing a new outreach programme specifically targeted to work with the University’s Partnership Development Office and Enrolment Management Services to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their potential. The outreach programme aims to send teams of student ambassadors into high schools in Canterbury and the surrounding area to introduce them to the topic of anthropology, both biological and social, and to topics surrounding conservation and ecology. The programme had initial success recently when we ran a 1-hour workshop at the University’s Partner Colleges Access Progression day to great success; the theme of the workshop was Diversity & Adaptation and incorporated all aspects of our schools research.

Additionally, in another outreach activity, sixth form students from Canterbury High School were introduced to the world of anthropology in a 2 hour seminar.  Their overwhelming view afterwards was “why don’t more people at school-level know about anthropology?”

We are attempting to fix this! Our outreach program is currently recruiting post-graduate student ambassadors. This is an excellent opportunity to share your love of anthropology, conservation and ecology and add a valuable skill to your CV.

For further details contact Dr Geraldine Fahy:


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