SAC in the media


Laura Berthold loads supplies, including native plants and camping gear, to be flown to the Haleakala volcano’s leeward side, where habitat is being restored for the Kiwikiu, also known as the Maui Parrotbill. Photo: Ken Etzel

Hanna Mounce – PhD in Biodiversity Management (thesis submitted)
Hanna’s work with the  Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project featured in the online magazine Audubon. The piece highlighted the role of Hanna’s research team in seeking to save rare Hawaiian birds from extinction. The focus of Hanna’s PhD, this amazing project focuses on species considered ‘lost causes’, particularly the Kiwikiu – the island’s most endangered bird. Read the full Audubon article – it’s very inspiring.

media_axolotle-insetSaving the Axolotl!
Work conducted by DICE, through our Darwin Initiative project in Mexico, has featured as “Picture of the week” in Science Friday.  The image, by our own Dr Ian Bride, shows an olive-coloured axolotle and is supported by commentary from honorary research associate, Jeanne McKay and Dr Zambrano, former partner in the project.

Comment provided by Dr Tanya Humle
Tanya was recently asked to provide comment for a piece in Scientific American.  The article, “Palm Oil Plantations Threaten African Primates” examines the impact, on 11 primate species, of plans to develop a 123,000 acre palm oil plantation next to a national park reserve.

media-ava-insetTeaching Kids about the Environment
Dr Jeanne McKay, honorary research associate, has written a blog post for Sassy Mama about how to engage children in conservation and develop an interest in their environment.  The wonderful piece, about creating a sense of wonderment, also features her 5 year old daughter Ava – such a cutie!


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