Upcoming Events


University’s 50th Anniversary Festival

4th – 6th September
The finale to the 50th celebrations, the Anniversary Festival promises to be wonderful fun for all the family and an opportunity to meet up with friends, colleagues and alumni. The School is going to be hosting a number of events, on the Saturday, so make sure you include them in your plan of activities!

  • What would you have looked like as a Neanderthal? Meet our researchers who will take a surface scan of your face and show you what you would have looked like as one of these amazing fossil humans! You can even take a picture home to show your friends and family!
  • Understanding our woodland. The walk will take in several different habitats and interpret these in the context of the underlying geology and topography, vegetation structure and change, and the issues surrounding such managed environments and how we might conserve them into the future.
  • Basket Making. Participants will learn how to use coppiced materials to produce a simple basket. By the end they will be able to understand the nature of the materials being used and how to manipulate them into a basic construction using appropriate tools in a safe and effective manner. Booking required.
  • The 50 farmers tales project showcase: Staff, students and farmers involved in this 50th anniversary project will be showcasing their findings from the project, which will include maps and pictures, showing how Kent’s farming landscape has changed over the last 50 years, and video footage of interviews with farmers, telling the stories of their farms and families during this remarkably dynamic period in rural Kent’s history.

Information about these and other festival events can be found on the University website.

The Future of Conservation in Kent

12th September, 9-5, Marlowe Lecture Theatre 1
As part of the University of Kent’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) is running a conference on the future of conservation practice and research in Kent. Our speakers will discuss a range of topics, from citizen science to species re-introductions, and will highlight potential conservation threats and opportunities. Each set of talks will be followed by a discussion session and there will also be a photo display and poster session over lunch.

Full details of the event and booking information can be found on our website.

Skeletal Biology Research Centre Launch

29th September 2015
This exciting event, open to SAC PG students and staff, sees the official launch of our new Skeletal Biology Research Centre. The event consists of tours of our lab facilities, a lecture from Dr. María Martinón-Torres (University College London) and a drinks reception. Booking is required through Dr Alexandra Leduc-Pagel, al454@kent.ac.uk



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