Research Activity – Publications, Posters & Media – August 2015

Woolly mammoth model at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria (Canada). FunkMonk/wikimedia, CC BY-SA

Woolly mammoth model at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria (Canada). FunkMonk/wikimedia, CC BY-SA

The last few months have been very busy with research activity.  Most of our academic colleagues have spent some of the summer period in the field, presenting at conferences, publishing papers and attracting research funding.

There has also been considerable media interest in many of the papers and on-line pieces which have been released recently.  To keep up-to-date with research activity and media interest please follow us on Twitter.


Dr Steve Green – alumnus, PhD Biodiversity Management 2011
Steve has a paper being published in Nature on the 10th September. The piece is entitled,‘Mapping tree density at a global scale’ and uses global remote sensing data as well as ground-truthed field data from habitat plots (inlcuding data from the Operation Wallacea project in Honduras) to produce the first spatially continuous map of forest tree density at a global scale. This map reveals that the global number of trees is approximately 3.04 trillion, an order of magnitude higher than the previous estimate.

Professor Richard Griffiths
Dawson, J., Patel, F., Griffiths, R. A. and Young, R. P. (2015), Assessing the global zoo response to the amphibian crisis through 20-year trends in captive collections. Conservation Biology. doi: 10.1111/cobi.12563

Dr Dave Roberts
Hernandez-Castro J, Roberts DL. (2015) Automatic detection of potentially illegal online sales of elephant ivory via data mining. PeerJ Computer Science1:e10 You can also read the press release here.

Dr Oskar Burger
DeLong, J. and Burger, O.F. (2015). Socio-Economic Instability and the Scaling of Energy Use with Population Size. PLOS ONE 10:e0130547

Dr Nicholas Newton-Fisher
Reynolds V, Lloyd AW, English CJ, Lyons P, Dodd H, Hobaiter C, et al. (2015) Mineral Acquisition from Clay by Budongo Forest Chimpanzees. PLoS ONE 10(7): e0134075. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134075

On-line articles

Professor Douglas MacMillan
“Why banning the mammoth ivory trade would be a huge mistake” posted on The Conversation, 25/08/2015

Niki Rust and Dr Diogo Verissimo – Niki is a PhD student who has recently submitted her thesis and Diogo is an alumnus with a PhD in Biodiversity Managment
“Why killing lions like Cecil may actually be good for conservation” posted on The Conversation, 29/07/2015

Dr Jake Bicknell – Post-Doctoral Research Associate
“China’s Trans-Amazonian railway might be the lesser of two evils” posted on The Conversation, 19/06/2015

Dr Tracy Kivell
Tracy provided comment in a number of online articles about the evolutionary development of the human hand. Science and The Scientist.

Research Funding Awards

The Faculty Research Fund unanimously supported the award of funding for the following project:

  • Dr Tatyna Humle and Dr Freya St. John, £3460, for their project, “The price of change: Shifting consumption from bushmeat to domestic meat in Guinea, West Africa”

The Faculty Internationalisation Fund recently awarded funding for the following projects:

  • Dr Ian Bride, £300, to attend the Banaglore Student Conservation Science Conference and host a recruitment stand.
  • Dr David Henig, £1880, to develop international collaborative links with the University of Toronto and distinguished scholar, Professor Michael Lambek.
  • Dr Matt Struebig & Dr Zoe Davies, £3331, to subsidise the stage 3 field-based module in Sabah, Malaysia.

External funding has been awarded as follows:

  • Dr Rob Fish, £32K from DEFRA, Sustainable Intensification Platform Research Project 2
  • Dr Rob Fish, £37K from  NERC, Valuing nature
  • Dr Rob Fish, £3K from NERC for an ESPA Fellowship Agreement
  • Dr Jim Groombridge, £17K from University of Antwerp, Genetic research on invasive ringneck parakeets

Other research activities

Dr Rob Fish has been working on the publication of SIPScene, the newsletter for the Sustainable Intensification Research Platform. Rob and the team are pleased to announce the release of the first edition, which also features Rob on the front page! Read the newsletter here.

Featured image: Roar in peace. EPA


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