News – excellent School performance

Judith Bovensiepen is conducting a research project in Timore-Leste, funded by an award by the ESRC

Judith Bovensiepen is conducting a research project in Timore-Leste, funded by an award by the ESRC

Our School is performing outstandingly!

The last few months have seen the publication of the NSS results, A level results day and clearing, and numerous research awards.  We thought you might be interested and excited to see that you are part of a successful school. We are frequently communicating with our students and staff with the aim of improving school practices, investing in new opportunities and enhancing the student experience, so it’s great to see that these endeavours are producing results.

  • National Student Survey: published in August 2015. Anthropology at Kent is ranked 6th for overall satisfaction with 95% of students saying they were satisfied with their overall experience of studying with us! BSc Wildlife Conservation is assessed on its own and 98% of students from our 2015 leaving cohort said they were satisfied with the learning resources for their programme, leaving Wildlife Conservation ranked 1st for learning resources and 3rd for the personal development theme.
  • Guardian League Table 2015: SAC performed particularly strongly in the areas of student spend (ranked 3rd) and graduate prospects (ranked 3rd).
  • Complete University Guide 2015 placed Kent alongside the Russell Group institutions for graduate prospects, ranking us 5th.  An increase from our 8th placed ranking in 2014.
  • 2015/16 first year intake: We were excited to see that on A level results day we had reached our target of 130 successful applicants.  This enabled us to enter clearing to attract further exceptional students and currently our 1st year cohort stands at 157 new students, giving us our largest intake ever!
  • The school has attracted over £1,000,000 in research funding during the last 12 months! This includes a £231K ESRC award for Judith Bovensiepen’s project in Timor-Leste, a £160K Darwin grant for Richard Griffiths’ CITES project in Madagascar and £157K ERC funding for Matt Skinner’s work on the evolution of the human hand.

Successful alumna

news-justyna-insetWe’d like to extend congratulations to Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz on securing a permanent lecturer post in Biological Anthropology at Australian National University!  Justyna studied for her BSc in Biological Anthropology and her PhD in Anthropology with the School and has been very much part of our School family since she arrived.  Justyna played an active role in School life, led lab sessions during open days, worked as a part-time lecturer and was always keen to tell people about her fascinating research and her wonderful experience of studying at Kent. Therefore, we are really pleased, and not at all surprised, to see that Justyna is progressing her career at a leading institution.

Funding for doctoral thesis.

Laura Montesi, PhD student in Social Anthropology, secured the RAI/Sutasoma Award, which will help her to complete her doctoral thesis. The award recognizes the potentially outstanding merit of her research.

Laura has also recently obtained a Short Term Research Grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to carry out research at the Freie Universität Berlin on “Vulnerability and Diabetes” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Dilger. She will be based in Berlin from November 2015 until February 2016.

Funny things happen on Open Days!

news-openday-setRoll the clock back 17 years, and DICE was delighted to have its first student from Madagascar enrol on the MSc Conservation Biology programme. Celestine worked for the Madagascar Government’s Water and Forest Department. However, Celestine did not return to Madagascar, as she met and married fellow-student David Gunnerson on the course, and they had a beautiful baby son soon after they both graduated. On the University Open Day on 4th July Richard Griffiths was chatting to prospective candidates in the ecology lab, when who should walk in but Celestine, David and Bruce Gunnerson – now  a strapping teenager who is looking to do the BSc Wildlife Conservation programme! It is always wonderful to welcome back alumni and even more special when their children have been captivated by the passions of their parents.


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