News – June 2015

june_wedding_insertHelen Meredith has got married!
We’d all like to send our warmest wishes and congratulations to Helen and Ben Godsall on their recent wedding. Helen is a DICE PhD student who is conducting a study into improving the impact of amphibian conservation projects. Many staff and students from DICE joined Helen and Ben to celebrate their wonderful day on 16th May at Dragon Orchard, Ledbury, Herefordshire.


june_quizSAC Win the 50th Anniversary University Quiz!
The winning team at Kent’s 50th Anniversary Quiz comprised of members of SAC, the team reflecting the interdisciplinarity at the heart of the school with its inclusion of academics, research students and support staff. Dr. Bob Smith, Caroline Bennett, Christine Eagle and James Kloda fought tooth and nail against other schools and professional service departments in Rutherford Dining Hall to emerge victorious, each receiving a large hamper of Kentish produce as a prize. The team was named The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka drones) after the use of such technology in conservation research. Well done team – you did us proud.

Thank and Give Campaign
june_thankDuring May the University ran the Thank and Give campaign to celebrate the many gifts the University have received through generous donation. Gifts were identified by enlarged tags, which could be seen around campus, with the aim of celebrating the impact of philanthropy on Kent. The event included the tagging of DICE and the totemic benches positioned between the Marlowe Building and the Templeman Library.  The benches utilised the trees felled in preparation for the expansion for the library. With support from University benefactor John Washington, Dr Ian Bride led a team of students under the guidance of artist Peter Leadbetter to carve the felled trees into creative benches.

DICE was founded with the support of the Durrell Trust for Conservation Biology, and the Trust continues to support students in the form of scholarships. Support has also been received from a range of sources over the Institute’s history, funding student awards, Chairs (in Biodiversity Management and Law & the Environment) and other initiatives. This support has come from charitable organisations and from generous individual donors.

You can find out more about the other contributions made to the University by visiting the Thank and Give webpage.

june_victoriaAward Winning Undergraduate Paper
We are proud to announce that SAC student Victoria Lockwood has received a prestigious award at Indiana University, Bloomington, for her undergraduate paper entitled: ‘The extractive foraging hypothesis, tool use category and absolute brain volume in primates’.

Victoria, who is studying Biological Anthropology, is currently on a year abroad at Indiana University, one of Kent’s partner universities in the US. Victoria entered a paper into the 9th Annual Anthropology Graduate Student Association Symposium at the end of February, and delivered a short talk on the paper at the event. The committee awarded Victoria with the Undergraduate Paper Prize.  Well done on this remarkable achievement Victoria! We look forward to welcoming you back to Kent in September.

For more information about study or work abroad opportunities, see


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