June Workshops – Bioarchaeology / Forensic Anthropology


Opportunities to learn how to identify, handle and profile real archaeological human skeletal remains.

Medieval Burials in Canterbury – 20 & 21st June

This two-day workshop will introduce methods used to estimate age at death, biological sex and stature of an individual. In addition to the analysis of remains, various areas of funerary anthropology will be discussed such as interpreting a grave, burial placement within a cemetery, and grave goods.

CSI at Kent – 27 & 28 June

This two-day workshop will cover several aspects of forensic anthropology and archaeological methods used to recover human remains. Participants will learn how to identify human bones and teeth, build a biological profile and infer trauma.

These practical, hands-on workshops are suitable for people of all levels and experience, but are particularly suited to those with an interest in bioarcheology, funerary, forensic anthropology and human osteology. For more information visit our website or BOOK NOW!

Courses are £75 each and places are very limited.


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