Welcome to Dr Robert Fish

We are delighted to welcome Dr Robert Fish to the School. We asked Rob to tell us about himself and his research:

Rob running a consultation session

Rob running a consultation session

I’m excited to have started my new role in SAC this week as Reader in Human Ecology.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people in and around the School already, as well as familiarise myself with the campus. So this is just to say “hello everyone”, and to thank you for your warmth, as well as the many and diverse offers to offload things from your own rooms to mine. I joke of course.

A bit about me. I am joining the School from the University of Exeter, where I  spent 10 happy years researching and teaching in the environmental social sciences.  Before that I was busy working my way across the higher education institutions of the East and West Midlands.  I hail from north Kent.


Cartoon commentary on one of Rob's consultations by Luke Warm

Cartoon commentary on one of Rob’s consultations by Luke Warm

Broadly speaking I’m a human geographer by training with interests in the theory and practice of sustainable land management.  My research has a strong interdisciplinary and participatory thread to it and is quite closely aligned with ecosystem based approaches to natural resource management. I’ve worked on a range of RCUK and Government funded projects spanning issues of both environmental conservation and protection.  Current pre-occupations include critical research into the ‘sustainable intensification’ of UK agriculture and helping to co-ordinate NERC’s upcoming Valuing Nature Programme.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all.  It’s terrific to be here and thank you again for making me welcome.


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