Volunteering Opportunity – Fieldwork survey in the Cairngorms


Report from Brathay Exploration Trust

Following our hugely successful Water Vole survey project in the Cairngorms last year, BET is helping Foula Heritage conduct much needed fieldwork surveys this summer.  BET is the only regular fieldwork provider to the Foula community and has visited the island over 80 times in the last 70 years.  Its contribution is vital to maintaining an accurate record of the island’s flora and fauna.  Possible fieldwork projects include:

  • Foula Fieldmouse photography challenge and study
  • Coastal Erosion and Geology
  • Bristletails: study of habitat and comparison with St Kilda
  • Studying the vegetation recovery/succession on scalped areas (where all peat has been removed)
  • A study of Islanders’ gardens to identify alien plants and establish a baseline for possible introductions

Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas/projects and preferences for fieldwork focus can be accommodated for those signing up early.

For more information, please go to: Foula: Edge of the World and download the Information Pack.

Alternatively, please contact us by email admin@brathayexploration.org.uk or visit our website www.brathayexploration.org.uk

All events and opportunities are provided for information. Their inclusion does not indicate that they are supported by or aligned with SAC or the University of Kent.


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