Research Activity – Publications, Posters & Media

Meta-multigraph with individual nodes situated in contextual sets. Sally Applin

Meta-multigraph with individual nodes situated in contextual sets. Sally Applin


Papers/abstracts can be viewed by selecting the title of the publication (where subscription allows)

Hazel Jackson & Jim Groombridge

Strubbe, D., Jackson, H., Groombridge, J. & Matthysen, E. (2015) Invasion success of a global invader is explained by within-taxon niche structure and association with humans in the native range, Diversity and Distributions doi: 10.1111/ddi.12325. Hazel has recently defended her PhD thesis and passed with minor corrections.

Zoe Davies

Dallimer M., Davies Z.G., Diaz-Porras D.F., Irvine K.N, Maltby L.L, Warren P.H., Armsworth P.R. & Gaston K.J. (2015). Historical influences on the current provision of multiple ecosystem services: is there a legacy of past landcover? Global Environmental Change 31: 307-317

Carin Tunåker, Ian Bride & Daniela Peluso

Tunåker, C., Bride, I. and Peluso, D. The Social Hubs project: exploratory real-world research – students as researchers and experiential learning. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education ISSN: 1759-667X Issue 8: March 2015. Carin is currently writing up her PhD Anthropology thesis on ‘A Different Kind of Homeless: LGBTQ Youth in East Kent’.

Sally Applin & Michael Fischer

Sally Applin & Michael Fischer (2015) “Resolving Multiplexed Automotive Communications : Applied Agency and the Social Car” in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Vol. 34, Issue 1, Spring 2015. Sally has been studying for her PhD in Anthropology.  She has now submitted her thesis and will be defending it at her viva this summer.

Janine Robinson, Richard Griffiths, Freya St. John & Dave Roberts

Robinson, J. E., Griffiths, R. A., St. John, F. A. V., & Roberts, D. L. (2015) Dynamics of the global trade in live reptiles: Shifting trends in production and consequences for sustainability. Biological Conservation 184(0): 42-50. Janine is currently studying for her PhD in Biodiversity Management.


MyersSarah Myers, Oskar Burger & Sarah Johns

This week Sarah has been presenting her poster ‘Postnatal depression and reproductive success in modern, low-fertility contexts’ at the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association annual conference in Helsinki. Sarah Myers is studying for her PhD in Anthropology and coauthored the paper with Dr Oskar Burger and Dr Sarah Johns. You can read more about the research poster via the conference website or view the poster via the SAC website.


Amber Abrams

amber_abrams_photoOn 11 March 2015, Ms. Abrams’ response to comments on an editorial regarding Clinical Trials was published on the British Medical Journal’s website (, and will be printed as a response letter in an upcoming print edition. Prior to her research as a PhD candidate at the University of Kent, Ms. Abrams worked as project manager for the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry based at South African Cochrane Centre at the South African Medical Research Council.


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