Academic Peer Mentoring Scheme


A great opportunity for stage 2 & 3 students to add to their skills portfolio: join the SAC Student Mentoring Team

We are looking to recruit students who will be in stage 2 or 3 this coming September to support stage 1 or 2 students. The aim of the APM scheme is to improve learning and thus effectively improve students’ performance. APM is a scheme run by the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) which aims to facilitate students supporting students across year groups.

What is involved?

  • Receive training from Student Learning Advisory Service
  • Promote:
    the learning cycle and increase understanding in a climate of trust and support.
    understanding by re-examining course material as a group.
  • Provide:
    a sounding board for ideas.
    support and encouragement.
  • Facilitate group discussion & exercises – usually on a weekly basis
  • Feedback information to the School.
Criteria for being a mentor

Criteria for being a mentor

The role of the mentor is NOT:

  • Teach seminar of lecture material.
  • Introduce:
    new material that is in conflict with seminar or lecture material
    supportive material without the agreement of academics
  • Act as a pastoral mentor.
  • Give counselling or emotional guidance or support.
  • Continue with the sessions during the exam term unless they feel it is absolutely necessary
  • Re-lecture.

Benefits to mentors:

  • Re-application to knowledge.
  • Knowledge of group work.
  • Leadership Skills
  • Development of soft skills such as confidence and communication
  • Kent Student Certificate for Volunteering.
  • Opportunity to improve one’s CV/Portfolio
  • Be awarded points for the Employability Points Scheme (EPS).
  • Greater understanding of the School.

How can I sign up?

Send an email to Shelley Malekia ( by 12th May 2015 giving:

  • Name
  • Kent Username
  • Programme & current stage
  • 1 paragraph about why you think you’re a suitable mentor & include which stage you think you’d like to mentor.

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