Research Funding Awarded – March 2015


Amber Abrams

Amber Abrams – Freestanding Doctoral Scholarship

Amber Abrams has been awarded a Freestanding Doctoral Scholarship for Research Abroad by the South African National Research Foundation. As an entity of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the NRF promotes and supports research through funding, human resource development and the provision of National Research Facilities in all fields of natural and social sciences, humanities and technology with a view to promote high-level human capital development.

NRF scholarships are highly competitive and provide support for South African students; this particular scholarship is intended for South Africans studying abroad.  The funding covers support for research costs and student fees for 2015. This will allow Ms. Abrams to continue her research in northern Limpopo, South Africa where she is exploring the health-seeking behaviors of people living on the boundary of protected areas.

Jim Groombridge – European Cooperation in Science and Technology

£100K+ for his project, ‘European network on invasive parakeets (ParrotNet): understanding invasion dynamics and predicting risks to agriculture and society.’

ParrotNet, led by Dr Jim Groombridge at DICE within the School, is a research network of over 80 active researchers, both natural and social scientists as well as policy-makers, involved in understanding the impacts of invasive parakeets within Europe. The project also hosts the European Monitoring Centre for Invasive Parrots, a virtual online centre that consolidates information on the spread and distribution of invasive parrots. The team are hoping to understand why parakeets are such successful invaders and how they can predict their agricultural, ecological, economic and societal impacts.

Dave Roberts – Society for Research into Higher Education

£4000 was awarded to Dr Dave Roberts for his project: Academic Intergrity


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