Workshops for PGR Students

We’re running two innovative workshops in May for PGR students at both pre- and post-fieldwork levels. The workshops will be inter-disciplinary in focus and suitable for all PGR students from relevant social science backgrounds. Numbers are limited so please book soon. Bookings can be made via Nicola Kerry-Yoxall (

Fieldwork in Challenging Circumstances


Led by: David Henig, Andrew Sanchez, Martin Fotta, Glenn Bowman, Anna Waldstein

This one-day workshop addresses the key issues and obstacles which doctoral students face when preparing to conduct fieldwork in challenging circumstances – conflict zones, situations of criminality or violence where trust is difficult to establish, fieldsites afflicted by war or violent conflict, and other situations where human relations are disrupted and subject to destructive pressure. The workshop also addresses how ethnographers engage with their data and research sites after the completion of such fieldwork: most notably the process of writing and analysis; and the challenges associated with ongoing interactions with informants.

New Directions in Visual Methodologies


Led by: David Henig, Joseph Tzanopoulos, Mike Poltorak

This one-day workshop will combine training in The Video Camera and Research with sessions on Visual Data Production and Analysis, and Time and Space in Visual Anthropological Research. The focus and tension throughout these sessions will be on the interface between established usages of Visual Anthropology in field research, and its processing and analysis via contemporary software and technologies.


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